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How to Have a Happy and Healthy Summer with Your Pet

The start of summer in Minnesota comes with great excitement for everyone. You have more opportunities to spend time outdoors with the people and animals you love. Dogs in particular want to do everything that you do, such as camping in a state park or going for a swim. Before you get out there and enjoy the great outdoors with your pet, make sure that he is ready for all of the adventure. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, your first stop should be the veterinarian.
Schedule Your Summer Check-Up with Minnesota Veterinary Clinic
Just as people should visit the doctor before starting a diet or any major lifestyle change, you should bring your pet in prior to engaging her in any strenuous activity. This is especially important for older animals who may be just beginning to show signs of osteoarthritis. It's also essential for your pet to be up-to-date on all vaccines, especially for rabies. You don't want your pet’s encounter with a raccoon, fox, or other wild animal in the woods to give her a deadly disease.
Controlling parasites is especially important in the warmer months. An infected tick could transmit Lyme disease to your dog or cat with a single bite. Fleas and heartworm are other common parasites that can ruin your pet’s health this summer. Heartworm disease can even be fatal in severe cases. If you’re not certain which parasite prevention products to use, just ask one of our veterinarians for a recommendation.
Be Prepared for Emergencies
When you pack a first aid kit for your family, don't forget about preparing one for your pet. This should include supplies for wound care and removing any visible parasites. Also, keep in mind that companion animals don't release excess body heat as efficiently as humans do. When traveling, you need to bring a water dish and make sure that your pet always has access to clean drinking water. Also, never leave your pet in a hot car even for a minute and even with the window cracked.
Because dogs and cats can slip away quickly in the excitement and confusion of a family vacation, make sure that yours has proper identification. If your pet already wears a collar and tag, considering having a microchip implanted before you leave home. This greatly increases the odds that he will return to you safely.
When Your Pet Can't Come with You
While you enjoy spending time with your pet, it's not always possible to include her in vacation plans. Cats, who are notorious creatures of habit, typically have no interest in that type of disruption. At Minnesota Veterinary Clinic, we have boarding facilities catering to each pet's individual needs. Be sure to reserve your spot as soon as you know the dates of your vacation since we fill up quickly in the summer months.