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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

Safe and Thankful


The hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving is a part of the tradition for many families. But in the commotion, it's important to keep safety in mind for our four-legged family members. Our Minnesota Veterinary Hospital veterinary staff offers these Thanksgiving safety tips to help you all have a safe and special holiday!


5 Ways to Reduce Your Pet’s Anxiety


Both dogs and cats can develop anxiety, although it’s often more obvious to see in a dog. This can come as a surprise to pet owners who may envy what they think is their pet’s easy life. Below we look at some common causes of anxiety for each type of animal and what you can do to help.


Choosing a Boarding Facility for Your Pet


Are you looking forward to an upcoming vacation? Are you concerned about leaving your dog or cat behind? We want to help assure you that at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital we understand that no boarding facility can replace the needed interaction a pet receives from his or her owner, but we will provide your pet with the best care possible while you are busy and away from home.