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December is Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month



One of the joys of being a pet owner is watching your dog or cat enjoy playing with a toy that you picked out especially for him. Toys help meet your pet's need for stimulation while also providing him with exercise and entertainment. An added bonus is that having a decent stash of pet toys keeps your dog or cat from becoming destructive with your personal or household belongings. It's also important to keep in mind that your pet needs toys for different reasons, such as activity, comfort, and distraction.
Selecting Safe Dog Toys
Since dogs can range from a few pounds to more than 100 pounds, you need to make sure that the toy you choose is appropriate for your dog's size. Additionally, make sure the toy doesn't have small parts that are easy to swallow, such as buttons, strings, and plastic eyes. We recommend avoiding toys with polystyrene beads or nutshells as these present a choking hazard.
Hard rubber toys, rope toys knotted at both ends, and tennis balls all appeal to your dog's instinctual need to chew. Kong or busy box toys that hide a treat inside will keep your dog motivated to interact with the toy until she uncovers the treat.
Toys to Give Your Cat
Cats are easily entertained, so don't feel like you have to spend a lot of money on toys. If your cat is like most, he may be more interested in the box the toy came in than the toy itself. According to International Cat Care, the two things a cat wants from a toy are that it moves and that it gives her an opportunity to interact with her owner. Homemade items, such as rolled up newspaper or the cardboard center of a roll of paper towels, work just fine.
A fishing-rod type of toy is a great choice for any cat. You hold one end in your hand while dangling the other end containing a small toy just out of your cat's reach. Batting at the toy allows him to release energy while feeling like he has successfully captured his prey. Flashing a light on the wall and having your cat chase it can also prove entertaining. Toy mice containing a small amount of catnip should inspire even the most dedicated napper to get up and swat it around a few times. It is especially important for indoor cats to have access to a variety of toys to alleviate boredom and help them get their exercise.
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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital wishes you the happiest of holiday seasons. 

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