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How to Choose the Perfect Toy for Your Dog This Holiday Season

Buying toys for your dog at Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other time of year isn’t spoiling him. Dogs who don’t have enough toys or the right kinds of toys to occupy their minds and bodies are much more likely to engage in destructive behavior. If you want to save your furniture and slippers, as well as prevent the neighbors from complaining about your dog’s barking, you can’t afford not to buy him new toys regularly.
Categories of Toys Your Dog is Sure to Love
When selecting a toy for your dog, consider her size, breed, and energy level as well as the safety of the toy. During Safe Pet Toys and Gifts Month, we urge you to pay attention to small parts that could become choking hazards such as plastic eyes, string, and foam stuffing. With that said, here are four types of toys that most dogs enjoy:
Balls: Dogs don’t have big budget needs when it comes to toys. They’re happy to chew on a tennis ball or have a member of their human family throw one to them. The ball you choose should be large enough for your dog to chew or retrieve without swallowing it. Keep in mind that tennis balls and other types of balls become worn over time, which means that your dog can swallow small pieces. This is a good reason to rotate your dog’s selection of balls often.
Food Puzzles: Dogs love treats, but they would become obese in a hurry if they got one every time they wanted one. Food puzzles allow you to hide a treat inside of the toy so your dog must work to release it. The Kong is one of the most well-known types of food dispensing toys for dogs.
Frisbees and Other Disc Toys: Dogs that love playing fetch with balls usually like this type of toy as well. The size and design of the object allows you to vary the speed and direction you throw it. This provides a little extra challenge for your dog when retrieving the frisbee or disc and returning it to you.
Rope Toys: Rope toys for dogs typically contain braided rope and may also have plastic or rubber parts attached. You can engage in a fun game of tug-of-war or fetch with your dog or simply allow him to chew on it.
Order Your Dog’s Holiday Gifts from Our Online Store
We are pleased to offer fun and safe toys for dogs in our online store. If you haven’t already registered for a MyVetStoreOnline account, it takes just minutes to do. Your dog’s holiday gift will soon be on its way without you ever leaving home.
Minnesota Veterinary Hospital wishes your entire family, including your dog, a very happy holiday season.
Photo Credit: Halfpoint / Getty Images