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January 24 is Change a Pet's Life Day

Adopt if You Can
In the spirit of the day, many animal shelters nationwide will waive or reduce adoption fees on January 24. Some may choose to offer other incentives as well, such as free vaccinations. Millions of pets wait in animal shelters for someone to bring them home. You’re really saving two pets when you adopt. That is because you make room for one more to stay at a shelter when you bring one home with you. 
Not everyone can or should adopt a pet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help animals. You can use your social media accounts for a great cause by letting everyone know about Change a Pet’s Life Day on January 24. Be sure to tell your family, friends, and co-workers in person as well.
Foster a Pet
If you’re not in the position to take in a pet permanently but could provide a home for a few months or longer, consider becoming a pet foster parent. Many fostering organizations exist right here in Minnesota, such as Pet Haven and Secondhand Hounds. You provide your foster dog or cat with food, shelter, training, and love as well as help the volunteer organization screen applications for permanent adoption. It’s a very rewarding experience knowing you have provided an animal a temporary home who otherwise might have remained homeless or had to be euthanized. 
Assist Your Local Animal Shelter to Promote the Event
An event like this takes a lot of promotion. You can help your local animal shelter by handing out flyers, volunteering to write an ad for the newspaper, or contacting several radio stations to help spread the word. Shelters can also use extra hands on the day of the event since the goal is to get more people in to adopt. Be sure to ask if a shelter near you could use help with adoption paperwork or getting pets ready to go home with their new families.
Shelters and rescue organizations frequently hold off-site adoption events as well. These require many volunteers to transport animals, clean cages, interview adoption applicants, and many other duties.
Change Your Own Pet’s Life in the New Year
It’s the first month of 2018 and the perfect time to start a new routine with your own pet. For example, consider enrolling your dog in an agility or obedience class or buying your cat a new perch for her to look outside on these cold Minnesota days. Since January is also Train Your Dog Month, the timing couldn’t be better.
Whether your pet has lived with you for 15 years or you have recently adopted, Minnesota Veterinary Hospital looks forward to seeing the two of your soon.

Photo Credit: Krblokhin / Getty Images