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No Easter Flowers for Pet Lovers


Are you expecting company for Easter? Or maybe you're planning to be an Easter guest instead. Either way, it's traditional for guests bringing gifts for their hosts. Although many bring something edible or drinkable, at this time of year, flowers are also popular, and that often means Easter lilies or tulips. Unfortunately, these beautiful blooms are the worst possible gifts to bring if your hosts are pet lovers.

Easter lilies are among the most popular flowering potted plants in the U.S.  Flowering from April to June, the pure white trumpet-shaped blooms rising over green oval leaves and releasing an enchanting fragrance have become a symbol of Easter and Spring. More than 10 million are grown annually in the U.S. where they aren't even a native plant. Yet many cat owners forget or are unaware that Easter lilies (as well as Tiger lilies, Daylilies, Rubrum lilies, and Japanese show lilies) are toxic to their felines. 

Cats who ingest parts of the Easter lily plant will begin exhibiting symptoms such as loss of appetite, vomiting or lethargy, within a few hours. Without immediate treatment, symptoms will continue to worsen leading to kidney failure and death. Even with proper treatment, there is a risk of permanent kidney damage.

The good news is Easter lilies don't have the same effect on dogs. The bad news is tulips are toxic to dogs and cats. Although the bulb is the most poisonous part of tulip ingesting any part of the tulip plant can be dangerous for dogs. Symptoms of tulips poisoning in dogs include excessive drooling, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, tremors, seizures, and death so prompt and proper treatment at a veterinary hospital is imperative.

So if you think your cat or dog has ingested something they shouldn't, whether an Easter lily, tulip or something else, contact us at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital immediately at (651) 484-3331.

Better yet, avoid unpleasant surprises and arrive bearing a bottle of wine or another wonderful treat this Easter. The "four-feets" and their humans will thank you for it!

Image Credit: Kagenmi