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October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month

How to Participate in the Event as a Pet Owner
One way you can support this cause is by continuing to take great care of your own pets. If you don’t yet have a microchip for your dog or cat, we encourage you to consider getting one. This greatly increases the chances of a happy reunion with your pet if he ever becomes lost. A tag and collar with contact information is a good idea as well, but it can slip off easily or become caught on a fence. When your pet has a microchip, the person who finds him can take him to the nearest veterinary clinic or animal shelter for scanning.
Some other things you can do to look out for your pet’s well-being include:
  • Pet-proof your home to ensure your dog or cat doesn’t get into any toxins that could harm her
  • Feed your pet nutritious food, make sure he gets plenty of exercise, and keep him at a healthy weight
  • Create a disaster plan that allows you to escape with your pet in the event of an emergency
  • Spend quality time interacting with your pet each day to deepen your bond
  • Bring your dog or cat for regular preventive care exams and vaccines at Minnesota Veterinary Hospital
  • Commit to providing a home for your pet for the remainder of her life
How to Care for Animals if You Don’t Have a Pet
If you want to help pets but aren’t up to a lifetime commitment, consider providing foster care for dogs and cats waiting for their forever home. Another possibility is to donate time or supplies to your nearest animal shelter. They’re always in need of food, toys, bedding, and other supplies to help make pets as comfortable as possible.
You can also visit the zoo to learn as much as possible about wildlife. If you have children or grandchildren, bring them along to teach them to respect and care about animals from an early age. Yet another way you can help is by spreading the word. Contact your local newspaper, radio station, or news station to let them know that National Animal Safety and Protection Month exists and that they can help to promote it.
We’re Here to Help You Care for Your Pet
At Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, we’re honored to serve as partners in your pet’s care. Feel free to contact us at 651-484-3331 to schedule an appointment or just ask a general question.

Photo Credit: Shironosov / Getty Images