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The importance of preventive care


Can you imagine never taking your children to their doctor for a physical or wellness visit? You likely would not go years without visiting the physician for a checkup, either. Unfortunately, many pet owners only schedule a veterinary visit when their cat or dog needs immediate treatment for a sickness or sudden injury. 

At Minnesota Veterinary Hospital, we invite you to schedule a preventive exam at least once annually for your pets. Elderly pets over age seven should visit bi-annually while pets in their youngest stages, puppies or kittens, will require several appointments throughout their first year to begin a series of core vaccinations.

What Does a Checkup Look Like for Your Pet?

Along with standard vaccinations, our veterinary team will talk to you personally about non-core vaccines which may be right for your pet according to his or her specific risk factors. For example, it may be beneficial for your pet to acquire a Lyme disease vaccination since the risk is so prevalent here in the Midwest, and specifically Shoreview area.

Parasite management is every bit as important as vaccinations. Some parasites may even become fatal to your pet. Heartworm infection is an exact illustration of this. Our veterinary team will assess your pet for parasites and in combination with your lifestyle, we’ll provide heartworm and flea and tick medication recommendations. Many of these products are available within our online store, and can be shipped to you directly. (We even have an Easy Dose It! Program which allows you to get one dose at a time, so you can spread the costs of preventive medication over the course of each month!).

Are you the owner of a senior pet? Our veterinary team assesses older cats and dogs for problems like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and kidney disorder which are more prevalent as pets age. When we can catch disease in its earliest and most treatable stages, it tends to be more economical for you, too!

We invite you to bring any concerns you have regarding your pet's behavior, diet, activity level, sleeping habits, or health issues to your next visit.  Our veterinary team will offer you resources and tips for resolving the problem which may even have been undetected. Call us at (651) 484-3331 to schedule your pet’s veterinary appointment.

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