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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

5 Summer Fun Safety Tips for Pet Parents


Oh, the sunshine and beauty of summer! We know our clients and their pets enjoy summer just as much as we do. From flip-flops to swimming pools, there are so many ways to celebrate the sunshine and great weather in Shoreview and the surrounding areas. If you’re planning on bringing your dog along for an adventure or your cat wants to help you spot caterpillars in the garden, here are our top five tips to help your pets beat the heat and stay safe and healthy.


Heartworm: Fact or Fiction


Heartworms are silent but deadly. These parasites pass quietly from mosquitos into your pet’s bloodstream and wreak havoc on their health. While you may never lay your eyes on a heartworm, they are present in our area and can infect your dog, cat, or ferret.


Dos and Don’ts of Helping Pets with Summer Sounds


For some pets, summer is the best time of year. For others, it’s filled with frightening booms and blasts that make them run and hide, putting a damper on the season for fearful pets and their concerned owners. If your dog or cat experiences stress and anxiety during storms and fireworks, read on to learn how to ease their fears.