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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy This Halloween


Between the constantly ringing doorbell, little people dressed in costumes, and treats and decorations they’re not supposed to touch, the Halloween season can be a stressful one for dogs and cats. While your pet may not enjoy this holiday nearly as much as your human family members do, you can take several steps to at least make it tolerable. This starts with not tempting your dog or cat with human treats.


October is National Animal Safety and Protection Month


The PALS Foundation started National Animal Safety and Protection Month several years ago to encourage everyone, whether they have pets or not, to handle and care for animals in a safe manner. The organization hopes to bring about the respectful treatment of both wild and domestic animals through this annual awareness campaign. It firmly believes that people and animals can and should co-exist peacefully.


Keep Your Dog Safe This Hunting Season


Several short hunting seasons started in Minnesota on September 1, including crow, mourning dove, bear, and snipe. Many other seasons begin later in the month and into October, November, and the first half of December. Trained hunting dogs can be especially useful to their owners to help retrieve and locate prey. Regardless of when you plan to go hunting, it’s important to keep your dog’s safety in mind.