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Minnesota Veterinary Hospital Blog

Is Your Pet Protected from Lyme Disease?


Minnesota and Wisconsin have more reported cases of Lyme disease that any other Midwestern states. With the peak season coming up in the late spring and early summer, it’s important to know how to protect your pet as well as recognize the symptoms of Lyme disease. With early recognition and treatment, your dog or cat can recover from this potentially serious tick-borne disease.


Pet Poison Prevention Week


Every year since 1962, the Pet Poison Helpline has dedicated the third week in March as Pet Poison Prevention Week. Pets are naturally curious creatures who often can’t resist the urge to smell, taste, and touch things in the home or yard that are new to them. Unfortunately, they lack the ability to understand that certain items could be dangerous or even deadly when swallowed. To help people keep their beloved pets safe, the Pet Poison Helpline recommends going through each room of your home and looking at it from a dog or cat’s perspective.


It’s World Spay Day: Will You Do the Right Thing?


Every year in the United States, 2.4 healthy pets lose their lives to euthanasia because there simply aren’t enough homes for them all. That’s one animal put down every 13 seconds. If every pet owner made the commitment to spay or neuter, this number would reduce dramatically. Spaying removes a female animal’s ability to get pregnant while neutering renders a male pet impotent. However, the benefits of these procedures go far beyond permanent infertility.